Episode 1 – Flipping the Classroom

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We discuss a number of Gradhacker stories including: “Publishing Your Presentations Online”, “Negotiating the Dating Scene in Grad School”, and “Branding Yourself: Not as Painful as You Think”. We also interview Dr. Ken Frank, a professor at Michigan State who has employed the technique of ‘Flipping the Classroom’ in his courses.

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One thought on “Episode 1 – Flipping the Classroom

  1. I agree with Andrea that if it’s electronic, it’s moveable. That is a great philosophy. I believe that we are getting too hung up with concern for intellectual property. If we really believe in educating students, don’y worry about the monetary payback.The idea of flipping the classroom is great but I believe that short streaming videos should be interspersed with with lecture to allow for all the different learning skills to be used. As we do all learn differently, this gives everyone the opprotunity to learn at their own pace.